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Science of Rice Q&A Handbook

In 2002, the Association prepared the "Rice Milling Plants Q&A Handbook" after collecting frequently-asked questions from the members. This was well received at the time and sold over 2,000 copies, however, as over ten years have passed and as circumstances have changed, various new questions have been asked.
So we have prepared the "Science of Rice Q&A Handbook" based on the "Rice Milling Plants Q&A Handbook" but updated with new questions and answers.
It is useful not just for members but individuals who engage widely in the rice industry.

Table of Contents
  • Part 1 Production and Breeding
  • Part 2 Brown Rice and Milled Rice
  • Part 3 Rice Cooking
  • Part 4 Measurement
  • Part 5 Insects and Microorganisms
  • Part 6 Environment
  • Part 7 System
  • Part 8 Other

For the brief overview, please click here .

Published March, 2014
Format A-4 size, 188 pages
Price 7,000 yen + consumption tax

Rice Cooking Class – Textbook of Business-use Rice Cooking

It is necessary to understand the production and sale of milled rice not only the quality level but also how rice cooking vendors cook and prepare rice. This book covers key words of "the theory of rice cooking and basic knowledge", "points of measurement", "rice cooking problems and the correspondence", "hygiene control", "how to make a manual for rice cooking" and "viewpoint of rice cooking in large quantity (consecutive rice cooking)".

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 Flow of Rice Cooking and Technological Components
  • Chapter 2 Theory of Rice Cooking and Points of Measurement
  • Chapter 3 Rice Cooking Problems and Corresponding Methods
  • Chapter 4 General Hygiene Control in Rice Cooking
  • Chapter 5 Viewpoints of Single Rice Cookers and How to Make a Manual for Rice Cooking
  • Chapter 6 Instruction for Consecutive Rice Cooking Equipment
  • Chapter 7 How to Cook Rice in a Pan
  • Chapter 8 Guideline for the Explanation of "Handling of Rice" in Rice Bags
  • Chapter 9 Recipes for Cooked Rice and Terminology of Rice Cooking
Published August, 2013
Format A-4 size, 210 pages
Price 16,000 yen + consumption tax

Basic Manual for the Eating Quality Evaluation for Cooked Rice

The best way to evaluate for the eating quality of cooked rice is eat it, gather data and lead to a conclusion. This book has been prepared as a reference to lead to a valid conclusion.
Evaluating the eating quality of cooked rice is greatly affected by human psychology and so it is necessary to create a test which is accurate. Also, needed is the correct way to handle the data and come up with a conclusion.

Title of Contents
  • Chapter 1 Basics of the Eating Quality Evaluation for Cooked Rice
  • Chapter 2 Basic Knowledge of Statistics
  • Chapter 3 Method to Implement the Eating Quality Evaluation for Cooked Rice
  • Chapter 4 Practical Example of the Eating Quality Evaluation for Cooked Rice
  • Chapter 5 Accuracy Test of the Eating Quality Evaluation for Cooked Rice
  • Chapter 6 Analysis of Eating Quality Evaluation – Terminology
Published April, 2013 (the second edition)
Format A-4 size, 111 pages
Price 10,000 yen + consumption tax

The Rice Museum – Textbook of Rice Quality Evaluation

This book is mainly composed of photos to observe and judge the quality of rice from various angles.
It is a reference book to judge the quality of rice.

Title of Contents
  • 1 Brown Rice
  • 1-1 Characteristics of Brown Rice
  • 1-2 Quality of Brown Rice
  • 1-3 Analysis of Brown Rice
  • 1-4 Foreign-grown Rice
  • 2 Milled Rice
  • 2-1 Characteristics of Milled Rice
  • 2-2 Quality of Milled Rice
  • 2-3 Analysis of Milled Rice
  • 2-4 Judgment of Rice Cracked via Soaking
  • 3 Dyeing
  • 3-1 Judgment of Milling Percentage
  • 3-2 Judgment of Freshness
  • 3-3 Judgment of Glutinous Rice and Ordinary Rice
  • 4 Cooked Rice
  • 4-1 Comparisons of the Appearance of Cooked Rice
Published May, 2012 (the first copy of the fifth edition)
Editor Jointly-edited by Japan Rice Millers Association, Inc. and Kett Electric Laboratory
Format Irregular A-4 size, Full-color, 60 pages
Price 4,800 yen + consumption tax

Book of Insects in Rice Milling Plants

This book covers the major grain-storage insects, 20 types of adults, which can be found daily in rice milling plants, photos of young worms, and characteristics and extermination method for these insects.

Contents Maize weevil, Flour Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, and others
Published March, 1994 (the second edition)
Format B-5 size horizontal, Full-color, 40 pages
Price 4,000 yen + consumption tax